Coincidence of Refraction: Blue

Refraction (noun) : the bending of a ray of light, heat, or sound when it passes obliquely from one medium into another in which its velocity is different.

Coincidence of Refraction comes from the nature vs. nurture dichotomy within identity construction which asks what part of “me” is the internal, genetics, and what part of “me” was formed by the external, social structures, roles, and biases. What is the prime mover in identity construction?

With its 7 panels, each of which varies in color, density, size, translucency, and pattern, this piece utilizes drawers slides so that each audience member, the external, the social influencer can go in and manipulate this form according to their own specific aesthetic sense. As the panel relationships are reconfigured, not only does the form and silhouette of the entire body change but so does the color created within the layered translucent mass. Each external participant, each mover, creates a new form.

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© Yvette Kaiser Smith 2004