This small piece is a brief study which began with the inherent identity crisis within this work. As these craft-based, enamel-painted, fiberglass forms hang on the wall, supported by their own shadows, the issue of “what is it” comes up. Is it craft; is it fiber art; is it sculpture; does it want to be a painting? Is identity, the true self, the end destination, the fiberglass object or the shadow that it casts.

The smallest step to take in this question was to crochet a flat, present it as a dimensional loop, and flatten it back out by treating it as simple two-dimensional surface by painting a pattern on top of the translucent body which enforced but also negated the pattern crocheted into the fiber.

As math is an underlying principle in all of life, I like to utilize it as conceptual and formal structure in my identity referential abstractions. To make what appears a randomly generated pattern, I followed a small part of the infinite number sequence which represents Pi. That Pi denotes the ration of the circumference of a circle is an added conceptual bonus in this blurring of formal lines.

When I finished the piece, I saw the yellow and orange marks as minuscule notations that were super-magnified. Perhaps some sort of a genetic or memory/psychological roadmap for this individual; the necessary components to make it breathe. Nano, as measurement, represents one-billionth.

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© Yvette Kaiser Smith 2004