Transcendental Number as Personal Chronogram (Pi)

I am always drawn to modern and contemporary art that uses a grid. I wanted to make a grid piece. This was decision one. I wanted an irregular punctuation in my grid. Decision two was the choice of following the digits in the number Pi to set up a seemingly random sequence. From these two seminal boundaries came the action of a diary, an accounting of change in time.

“Transcendental Number”, the number Pi, as “Personal Chronogram”, a diary, accounts changes. Changes that are analogous in increment and character to the changes that we experience from day to day. The “same but different” as we are “same but different” from one day to the next.

The materials components that reflect the “same but different” principle included 10” crocheted fiberglass doilies which can be clean, puddled with resin, translucent colorless, translucent with color, painted with enamel, whole or partial; a base or pedestal made from a variety of scrap chunks of wood, similar in construction, to hold each doily at different distances from the wall which affect the third material, the shadow. The character of shadow is determined by distance of doily from wall, by light source(s), and by translucency and texture of the crocheted fiberglass. Each, in relation the other, registers changes in character as effected by environmental and physical circumstance.

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© Yvette Kaiser Smith 2004