Quiet Assimilation

Quiet Assimilation is a precursor to the Community Structure Series, a series of forms that looks at possibilities within social or community structures. Q.A. begins to look at what happens to individuals bound to a specific group, at adaptation and assimilation and one degree of the fine line between them.

The overall reality of this group was determined from the beginning to be rectangular. However, the core or the beginning of each of the 12 individuals that construct this quilt is circular, a doily. Each of the 12, very similar in construct, attempts to assert individuality via crocheted-in detail, protruding form, and original color. The coloring cycle of translucent clear fiberglass, which has natural greenish look, to painted-on contrasting enamel to the final solution also follow an assertion of will to a quiet and quieting assimilation. As it must be, the cycle continues to gravitate home, to the original construct of neutral rectangle as negotiations within continue and continue to loose.

As a side note, there is an interesting question of identity that comes directly from the nature of the work itself. As this craft-based, enamel-painted, fiberglass form hangs on the wall, supported by its own shadows, the issue of “what is it” comes up. Is it craft; is it fiber art; is it sculpture; does it want to be a painting? Is identity, the true self, the fiberglass object or the shadow that it casts.

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© Yvette Kaiser Smith 2004