A Sum of its Parts: 5 is equal to 1

Our own identity is a hybrid of genetics, the physical material; of our behavior, the choices we make, by the way we present ourselves, the way we interact with our immediate environment; and our social, cultural, and geographic circumstance. We are the sum of these parts. This work began as an exploration of identity construction: identity as the sum of its parts in terms of relationships of parts within one body and also relationships of individuals within one defined group. The conceptual identity focused further through ideas of transformation.

This work and “A Sum of its Parts: 4 in 2 halves is equal to 1” were created for a temporary exhibition at the 3Arts Club, a historic residential building that is undergoing physical and functional transformations. I incorporated ideas of transformation into the theme of identity construction. By utilizing the surrounding color format and the gallery’s interior architectural measurements and rhythms, these two works naturally grow out of this space.

After I clearly visualized the larger sculpture, I realized that the room as a whole needed to be balanced. The large work draws towards the floor so to balance the room vertically this smaller corner piece is directly opposite the large work and pushes up.

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© Yvette Kaiser Smith 2004