Unfeigned is part of the Community Structure Series, a series of forms that looks at possibilities within social or community structures and how an individual’s form is affected by attachment to a particular group or rather to another individual that is part of a specific group. Unfeigned focuses more on the group than the individual.

The 7 (a prime number, divisible only by 1 and itself) tubes are all crocheted to be the same width and length. The still soft floppy fiberglass modules were sewn together, side by side, along the entire length of their individual bodies. Choices made within the resin application process are responsible for their resultant form.

Unfeigned. A tight cluster conforming to strict simple rules of purity and sameness. Same stitch. Same tube size. Resin applied to sections of entire group rather than one individual at a time. No color added internally with resin dyes or externally with enamel. Pure form. So tightly joined that nothing can penetrate this group. Not affected at all by external craziness and change. Happily existing only for itself from itself.


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© Yvette Kaiser Smith 2004